Core Dev Team

LiteFarm was born out of the Centre for Sustainable Food Systems at the University of British Columbia and is now being developed by a global team of staff, students, and contributors. Below is a list of current team members in alphabetical order of last names.

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Crystal Arsenault
UX Designer, Organic Regulations subject matter expert and liaison with Organic BC

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Crystal joined LiteFarm December 2019. Originally a certified boat captain and mechanic, she shifted into agriculture and UX design with the purchase of an organic farm on Vancouver Island and became the administrator of the certification body IOPA. Hired by Organic BC to develop their organic certification program, iCertify, led to a collaboration to incorporate organic record keeping into LiteFarm. She holds a BSc (Hons) degree from the University of Victoria, majoring in psychology and philosophy. Interested in LiteFarm as a tool for farmers everywhere, Crystal strongly believes that more people should get involved in the growing process of the food they consume.


Sasha Avrutina
UX Designer

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A current designer for LiteFarm and the Lexicon of Sustainability, Sasha is devoted to improving local and global food systems. She joined the LiteFarm team in November of 2020 after completing her MA in Social Design at the Maryland Institute College of Art. Prior to that she had been working at Blend to develop advertising campaigns and brand identities after graduating from the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Sasha is interested in further exploring Human Centered Design within food systems.


Kevin Cussen
Product Manager

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Kevin joined the LiteFarm team in 2020 as product lead. His goal is to put LiteFarm in the hands of 10,000 sustainable farmers worldwide by 2023. Before joining, he occupied roles across the technology sector from helping entrepreneurs integrate technology into their businesses as a Peace Corps volunteer, to building a “campus-in-a-box” for use by educational partners of the US National Parks system, to employing blockchain technologies to ensure responsible sourcing of goods. Kevin holds a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Texas and an MBA with a focus on Global Business from the University of Washington.


Joshua Larsen
Crop Data Intern

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Joshua is in his 4th year of his Bachelors studying Applied Biology with a specilization in Plant and Soil Science. He has worked as a landscaper, fire fighter, and web development lead prior to joining LiteFarm. Currently he is completeing the UBC Farm Practicum. Joshua is driven by the desire to better understand the underlying conditions that allow life, in all its forms, to thrive and to find ways to foster those conditions. After graduation he looks forward to working cloesly with people and the land as an agronomist, landrace plant breeder and lean consultant.


Audrey Lu
Fullstack Engineer

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Audrey had completed a BA in Psychology before pursuing a Bachelor of Comupter Science as a second degree. She was impressed by LiteFarm's vision statement and mission, joining the team in May of 2021. Before that, Audrey had also completed a Co-op term as a Junior Test Engineer. She is particularly interested the backend of software development.


Shang Heng Mak
Fullstack Engineer

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Shang Heng is a 4th year Computer Science major completing his Bachelor of Science at the University of British Columbia. Shang Heng had worked as a Software Developer Intern at SAP in 2019 before joining LiteFarm in 2021. He had jumped at the oppurtunity to work on LiteFarm as it was an open source project. Shang Heng is currently interested in cloud service development and machine learning.


Orangel Marquez
Sr. Software Engineer

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Orangel joined the LiteFarm team in August 2020 as Senior Fullstack Developer. He has worked as a software developer within many different sectors, including oil, alarm, water collection, finance, and insurance. Orangel holds a Bachelor Degree in Computer Engineering from Rafael Urdaneta University and enjoys the front end aspect of development. He's interested in hydroponics, cultivating lettuce and basil without soil in his apartment.


Jasmin Senghera
Research Associate

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Jasmin is a first-year Master of Communicty and Regional Planning student at UBC. She joined the LiteFarm team in May of 2020 and had completed her bachelor's degree that year in Environmental Sciences. Jasmin is also a Greenest City Scholar at City of Vancouver as well as a past Envirolab Participant at CityHive Vancouver. She's interested in active transportation, land-use planning, and the policy implications of LiteFarm.


Brandon Tai
Fullstack Engineer

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Brandon is a 4th year Computer Science and Physics major at the University of British Columbia. Prior to starting his co-op position at LiteFarm, Brandon had been a software developer at Evident Point Software, and is also currently working part-time as a Teaching Assistant. He was inspired to join LiteFarm after taking an industry skills course and wanted to apply what he learned in the classroom to his day-to-day work.


Yu Tian
Fullstack Engineer

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Yu Tian is a Computer Science major completing his Bachelor of Science at the University of British Columbia. Before joining LiteFarm as a Fullstack Engineer as a part of the Co-op program, Yu Tian had worked as a student assistant. Yu Tian is currently interested in sustainable farming and modern web application development process.


David Trapp
Support and Quality Assurance Engineer

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With extensive experience in policy and outreach, David had been working with our partner organization in Paraguay when he discovered LiteFarm and joined the team. He had previously been an Agriculture Technician volunteering in the Peace Corps after completing his BA focused in Engery, Agriculture, and Climate Change at Western Washington University. He believes in LiteFarm's potential to build a bridge between farmers and researchers for a greener future. His current efforts are directed towards making sure that LiteFarm is complex enough to be a all-in-one software while also being accessible to farmers of an older generation.


Isaac You
Communications Associate

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Isaac is in her second year as an Arts student at UBC. She joined LiteFarm in May 2021 and had been mostly doing radio work before that. She's interested in the stories we tell about food and how they shape our daily lives.

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