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LiteFarm Announces Partnership with Mandu Inovação Social

We are thrilled to announce our latest collaboration with Mandu Inovação Social, an organization dedicated to sustainable innovative solutions with social impact in Brazil since 2002. Mandu focuses on creating shared value among society, government, and businesses through projects in various areas such as family farming, community businesses, and rural development.

Our partnership with Mandu revolves around supporting the Village program, which aims to strengthen family farming in the municipalities of Barreiras and São Desidério in the state of Bahia, as well as Balsas in the state of Maranhão. Launched in 2019 with 17 families, the initiative has grown to encompass 100 farming families, enhancing productivity, income generation, crop diversification, access to water for irrigation, and education in rural areas.

Family farmer participating in the Village Program at work on their farm.

Mandu has successfully integrated LiteFarm into the Village program to enhance the capabilities of family farmers and improve agricultural management practices. By mapping out farm areas and entering crop plans into the app, users can predict harvest yields and access important productivity and financial insights. This contributes to optimized land use over time and provides crucial data for decision-making by Village's agronomists. To date, 79 farms participating in the Village program have been registered on LiteFarm, complete with detailed maps and crop plans.

One of the farms participating in the Village Program.

"The application's ease of geographical insertion and measurement of productive areas is a very positive feature," (translated) says Cleber Reis, Village’s project leader. LiteFarm’s team has conducted personalized training for program members and is actively collaborating with Mandu to analyse and implement suggested functionalities based on farmers' needs.

Billboard for the Village Program in Barreiras, Bahia in 2022.

For more information about Mandu Inovação Social's impactful work, please visit their LinkedIn or Instagram pages.

If you're interested in partnering with LiteFarm, feel free to reach out.

As always, happy farming!

The LiteFarm Team


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