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Your finances, planning, and tasks all in one place.

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LiteFarm has been co-designed by farmers, with ease of use as our top priority. Our features are designed especially for the needs of sustainable, diversified, and organic farmers.


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Create, assign, and complete common farm tasks out-of-the-box or customise your own. Receive notifications for late or unassigned tasks to make sure nothing falls through the cracks.


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Plan your crops using our searchable catalogue of more than 375 different crops or personalize it with as many regional varieties as you’d like. Use thousands of built-in suggestions on crop characteristics like days to transplant and appropriate plant spacing or modify them based on your own experiences. Let LiteFarm automatically generate tasks to put your plans into action. 



Farm Maps

Draw your farm map using more than a dozen types of areas and structures. Indicate organic status for crop growing areas. Filter to view the most important aspects of your farm, and export your farm map with a click.


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Certification Exports

With just a few clicks, generate seed and planting stock records, organic status of all farm locations, as well as crop aids and non-crop inputs. Snap photos to save receipts, compliance documents, and anything else that’s helpful in your operations all in one place. Choose which documents are shared with your certifier. 

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Check out our YouTube library of training videos to see LiteFarm in action


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LiteFarm allows our employees to support school gardens in the largest school district in Texas while managing our six-acre food and agriculture literacy farm. The app also allows the high school students in our agriculture practicum to have more autonomy. They feel empowered when they get to choose which tasks to complete first. 

Matt Graham
Agriculture Specialist
Food & Agriculture Literacy Center at Mykawa Farm, Houston ISD
Houston, TX, USA

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