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Updates from the team




LiteFarm: an open-source platform developed by farmers for farmers. 

Discover how LiteFarm stands out as a Farm Management Information System, reshaping the landscape for sustainable farmers.


How this UBC-led team developed a first-of-its-kind farming app

In order for Canada to meet its climate commitments and support long-term food security, it’s important that farmers adopt more sustainable practices. 


Advancing food sovereignty through farmer-driven digital agroecology

Agroecology, as a science, practice, and social movement, has been posed as a potential pathway to revitalize global food systems through a shift towards social and ecological justice. 


Equipe do CETAP apresenta ferramenta LiteFarm para SUTRAF de Aratiba

A equipe técnica do CETAP que está envolvida no desenvolvimento e aprimoramento do aplicativo LiteFarm fez uma apresentação para a direção do Sindicato Unificado dos Trabalhadores na Agricultura Familiar – SUTRAF de Aratiba/RS. 


Digital Agricultural Data Webinar

The webinar, titled Growing Digital Agriculture from the Grassroots: designing just and sustainable agricultural data applications will feature Sarah-Louise Ruder, Dr. Hannah Wittman, and Kevin Cussen, from University of British Columbia (UBC) Farm.


Sustainability potential of app-based food loss measurement: Farmers' perspectives in southwestern British Columbia, Canada

Food loss is a systemic problem contributing to negative environmental, social, and economic impacts.


Engajando agricultores para medir o impacto da agricultura sustentável na América Latina

Os extremos do clima e os desastres naturais colocam mais pessoas em risco de passar fome. A agricultura sustentável, que consiste em práticas que são benéficas para os consumidores, os agricultores e o planeta, oferece uma abordagem resiliente para cultivar os alimentos de que precisamos. 


How a new organic farming app is trying to weed out paperwork

Heather Stretch usually spends a few days each winter corralling paperwork that traces her produce from seed to sale to renew her farm’s organic certification.

Not this year. The Victoria-based organic farmer has moved her paperwork to a new online program that helps diversified organic farmers ...

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LiteFarm Partnership

Here at Open Food Network Canada, we are delighted to announce our new partnership with farm management app, LiteFarm. Designed as a tech solution for the management of sustainable and diversified farms, LiteFarm shares Open Food Network’s community-driven approach to open-source tech development. 


Agrotech - LiteFarm - OpenTEAM

LiteFarm is a free and open source farm management tool made for current and aspiring sustainable farmers. LiteFarm is developed in cooperation with a team of farmers, scientists, and software professionals at the UBC as well as contributors such as yourself.


LiteFarm: Conheça o aplicativo de gerenciamento agrícola voltado para a agricultura sustentável

Semear no período certo, manter irrigação, adubação, poda e capina em dia, preparar novas mudas e adquirir os insumos necessários, fora o planejamento de produção e o controle das finanças que é constante e, além de tudo isso, se ocupar da venda e distribuição das colheitas. 


Hannah Wittman, Killam Faculty Research Fellowship

Hannah Wittman is a professor in the Faculty of Land and Food Systems and the Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability. She works with farming people and communities in global contexts, trying to develop tools, methodologies and evidence-based policies that can support revitalization of these diverse agroecological farming systems. She is a recipient of the 2020 Killam Faculty Research Fellowship.


How Latin America Farmers Are Making the Most of Direct Sales to Consumers

Across Latin America, small-scale farmers are finding success in bringing their products directly to consumers in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.



The CSFS, in collaboration with farmers and cluster members, are working on a free, open-source web app to advance sustainability science and help farmers improve their financial and environmental management.


The apps fighting food waste by saving restaurant meals from the trash

Consumers get the chance to buy leftover meals, expiring or misshapen food at discount prices, and aim to encourage consumers to effect policy change in their communities

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