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馃尵 LiteFarm Announces Partnership with +Algod贸n Colombia Project 馃尵

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

LiteFarm is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with the +Algod贸n Colombia聽project aimed at creating more transparent and sustainable supply chains. This collaboration promises to usher in a new era of sustainability and transparency within the Colombian fashion industry.聽

+Algod贸n Colombia, spearheaded by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization聽(FAO) in conjunction with the Brazilian Agency for International Cooperation聽(ABC/MRE) and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development聽(MADR), is dedicated to strengthening Colombia's cotton sector. Their primary objective is to champion cutting-edge technology for sustainable cotton farming, with a special focus on small-scale family farms.

In an age where sustainability is paramount, discerning fashion consumers are increasingly seeking responsible products. Blockchain technology, known for its ability to create immutable and transparent records, instills trust throughout the entire cotton-textile-apparel value chain, from the inception of cotton cultivation to the final stages of garment production.

As part of the cotton sector's commitment to alliances and sustainability, +Algod贸n Colombia is spearheading a public-private institutional partnership to validate the use of blockchain technology within the cotton value chain. The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) lends its expertise to this endeavor, offering guidance and access to this transformative technology. Esteemed representatives from the private sector, including ANDI, DIAGONAL, COLHILADOS, FATELARES, and the Grupo CRYSTAL, have rallied behind this initiative. From the public sector, our partners include the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, a key collaborator in the +Algod贸n Project, along with the Colombian Agricultural Institute (ICA) and AGROSAVIA. This trilateral South-South cooperation receives support and collaboration from the Brazilian Agency for International Cooperation (ABC/MRE), and the traceability pilot also enjoys the active participation of PACTO RED GLOBAL COLOMBIA.

LiteFarm's role in this partnership is to provide farmers with training on the LiteFarm platform in order to help them to effectively document their cultivation practices and harvest data. This foundational data will then be securely transmitted to the blockchain-enabled supply chain software built by UNECE聽 to establish provenance. This integration will result in a more efficient, trustworthy, and reliable system for consumers and farmers.

Read more about the partnership in this article from the UNFAO. Unfortunately it's only available in Spanish, but if you are using Google Chrome you can turn on English by following these steps.

Join us in celebrating this impactful collaboration, which promises to steer the cotton industry in Colombia toward a more sustainable and prosperous future. 馃尡馃憰


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