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LiteFarm at the 36th annual California Small Farm Conference

Dear LiteFarm Community,

LiteFarm was thrilled to participate in the Small Farm Tech Expo, organized by the Community Alliance with Family Farmers on March 1st in Madera, California. This event provided a great venue for discussing how valuable farm management software can be for small farms.

During the Expo, Kevin Cussen, LiteFarm's Product Lead, participated in a panel discussion with Paul Weidner from farmOS and Ricardo from Tend, examining innovative technological approaches to farm management. This engaging panel session explored how technology can aid small farms in various aspects, including crop planning, activity management, and becoming and maintaining certifications.

The LiteFarm team was honored to have Fernando George from Tijtoca Nemiliztli A. C. - TNAC "Sembramos Vida" share their invaluable experience with LiteFarm. Their testimony underscored the practical benefits and positive impact our software has on the ground, enriching the conversation about sustainable agricultural practices.

Thank you to CAFF for focusing on the issues that impact small farms and for providing us with the opportunity to share LiteFarm with a wider audience and contribute to the dialogue on advancing sustainable farming technologies!

Happy farming!


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