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LiteFarm at the 12th Brazilian Congress on Agroecology

Dear LiteFarm community,

From November 20th - 23rd the city of Rio de Janeiro hosted the 12th Brazilian Congress on Agroecology, a highly anticipated event with more than 5,000 participants. Celebrating more than two decades since its inauguration, this congress, considered the largest in Latin America, brought together farmers, extension workers and researchers from all over Brazil as well as 20 other countries.

The congress delivered an enriching experience by melding practical experiences, insights gleaned from academic research, and the reality facing many social movements. Throughout, attendees immersed themselves in a diverse array of activities including conferences, cultural presentations, workshops, integrative therapies, film exhibitions and an agroecological products fair. The three-day event was marked with debates on crucial topics such as agroecosystems management, climate justice, alternative healthcare, biocultural diversity and circular economy.

One of the farmers with the project showcasing their experience in relation to youth in the countryside and agroecology indicators using LiteFarm. 

Out of the 3000 presentations delivered, two particularly noteworthy ones were given by partners involved in the project 'Agroecology in Latin America: building paths.' These presentations offered diverse perspectives on the critical topic of identifying and monitoring agroecological indicators. They underscored the utility of LiteFarm as a valuable tool within this process. 

A member of CEPAGRO sharing the advancements in the development of agroecology indicators in Latin America with the assistance of LiteFarm.

Participation in events such as the congress is pivotal in fortifying the bonds between the LiteFarm team and project partners, while also fostering new connections to continually broaden our community.

LiteFarm members and partners at the 12th Brazilian Congress on Agroecology in Rio de Janeiro.

For more information, check out the Brazilian Association of Agroecology's Instagram.

Happy farming!

The LiteFarm team


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