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LiteFarm at the 3rd Argentine Congress of Agroecology

Dear LiteFarm community,

The National University of Rio Negro (UNRN) and the Argentine Society of Agroecology (SAAE) organized the 3rd Argentine Congress of Agroecology from November 29th to December 2nd in the region of Comarca Andina del Paralelo 42, outside of Bariloche. The congress consisted of lectures, workshops, round tables, presentations and an agroecological fair. The activities took place throughout the towns of El Bolson, in the province of Rio Negro, and Lago Puelo and El Hoyo, both in the province of Chubut.

The congress brought together farmers, consumers, extension workers, researchers and students from all of the Argentine provinces as well as from neighbouring countries, with the intention of sharing experiences and knowledge, as well as discussing the current and future trajectory of agroecology. The event delved into various crucial themes centered around "Socializing Territories, Cultivating Diversity, and Reaping Development with Equity." It also covered essential subjects including agroecological transition, food sovereignty, and the utilisation of organic inputs, among several other pertinent discussions.

Researchers from the UNRN, the University of British Columbia (UBC) and the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC) in Brazil, who collaborate with LiteFarm, conducted the workshop "LiteFarm: sustainable agricultural management software." The activity took place in the municipal auditorium of El Hoyo, in Chubut, and was attended by more than 25 people.

"LiteFarm: sustainable agricultural management software" workshop at the 3rd Argentine Congress of Agroecology.

The audience was mostly young Argentinians  and Chileans engaged in agroecology and familiar with using digital tools. In addition to an introductory talk about LiteFarm and its objectives, the workshop included a real-time demonstration of the tool's use, through which participants created their accounts, designed a farm map and added crops. The participants showed great interest in LiteFarm’s capacity to improve farm management practices and track agroecological changes within the app. 

Researchers collaborating on LiteFarm during a visit to a diversified farm in El Bolson, Argentina, alongside other researchers and farmers.


For more information on the event, check out the Instagram account of the 3rd Argentine Congress of Agroecology.

As always, happy farming!

The LiteFarm Team


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