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Meet Loïc Sans: LiteFarm’s Design Lead

Dear LiteFarm community,

We would like to introduce Loïc Sans, our Design Lead. He’s one of the many talented individuals shaping LiteFarm's innovative landscape. Originating from Bordeaux, France, Loïc is now based in Helsinki, Finland. He joined LiteFarm in September 2023 in the lead up to  our previous finance release. "It was a great way to jump in and be hands-on immediately," he reflects.

As Design Lead, Loïc spearheads the User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) design of the app - basically what users see and experience when they’re using LiteFarm. His role requires doing  extensive user and product research in order to understand and address challenges faced by farmers using farm management software. He emphasizes:

"I talk to our users as often as possible, not only to deeper understand how they work but to assess how we, at LiteFarm, can help them achieve their goals and do their job more efficiently and smoothly on a daily basis."

Loïc conducts in-depth interviews and user testing sessions where he asks users to interact with prototypes of new features that he’s built. Afterwards, he refines his prototypes to better support farmers based on their feedback. Simultaneously, he analyzes the current app, implementing usability and accessibility improvements to enhance the overall user experience.

Having worked across various fields, Loïc found his niche in software companies with meaningful missions, making LiteFarm an ideal fit. "I love the dedication, passion, and professionalism of the team, and I love talking to the huge variety of our users across the globe. It’s both enriching and humbling. I’m learning something new about sustainable farming every day," shares Loïc.

Excitement surrounds LiteFarm's upcoming feature: Animals. Loïc, deeply involved in researching and designing this module, expresses enthusiasm about user-driven development. "This is exciting because our users are really asking for this feature, and the work done up to now has been driven by teaming up with our users," he states.

For those interested in participating in the design process for Animal functionality, please reach out.

Happy farming!

The LiteFarm team


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