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Our Newest Features: More Control Over Your Farm Map

LiteFarm’s 2021 Quarter 2 release has made it easier for farmers to map out your whole farm. Creating farm map exports is a reporting requirement for organic certifications and also provides a means to visualize data in a very personal way for farmers moving forward. New features include the ability to draw more than a dozen types of areas and structures on your map, a filter to selectively view only portions of your farm, support for non-adjacent farm sites, and the ability to designate production areas as organic or otherwise. These features and other small changes lay the groundwork for our Quarter 3 release which will give users the ability to export organic certifications through LiteFarm. These documents will initially be accepted by 15 different certifiers in 6 countries.

You can now create a more detailed farm map

Users can now draw and provide detail to more than a dozen types of locations via the farm map. You will be able to document your:

  • Fields

  • Greenhouses

  • Gardens

  • Buffer zones

  • Natural areas

  • Residences

  • Barns

  • Ceremonial Areas

  • Fences

  • Gates

  • Watercourses

  • Surface water

  • Water valves

LiteFarm also now supports each of these locations on non-adjoining farm sites as well.

Document organic production areas

For any production areas, users can now indicate whether they are organic, non-organic, or transitional. If you are interested in pursuing or maintaining organic certification, LiteFarm will automatically prompt you to enter any information necessary for certification.

Find what you’re looking for - quick!

Filters are now only a click away, that means you can quickly find what you need. Users can now filter by structure type or area, with the eventual ability to filter by field status (active, cover crop, or fallow), crop maturity, organic vs. non-organic and others. LiteFarm even allows users to export a PDF of their farm map with some filters applied, to generate the map that makes sense for their circumstance.

You can prepare for your organic certification

New farmers setting up their farms in LiteFarm now have the option to choose from two different certification types (organic & participant guarantee system) and decide from 15 different partner certifiers across Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Ecuador, Paraguay, and El Salvador. Starting with our next release in Quarter 3, farmers will be able to record all the activities needed for certification documents and export these documents directly from LiteFarm.

Who we are

LiteFarm is an open source farm management tool that meets farmers where they are and equips them with the tools they need to make informed and responsible decisions about the health of their farm, their livelihood, their community, and the planet. Take a look at our roadmap for more information on where LiteFarm is going. You can share your thoughts with the community there, or connect with us directly at


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