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🌱 Exciting News from the World of Agroecology! 🌿

Hey LiteFarm Community!

We've got something special to share today – a thesis defense that's all about the magic of agroecology and holistic well-being. 🎓

🎓 We're thrilled to share the incredible work of Katherine Roger and her recent thesis defense at the University of British Columbia’s Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability! 📚 Their research explores the transformative power of agroecological practices in promoting holistic well-being for communities and ecosystems with the Kuikancha community in Ibarra, Ecuador. 🌍

🌾 Agroecology isn't just about sustainable farming; it's a powerful social and political movement. Katherine Roger's thesis delves into the heart of this movement, focusing on how agroecological practices can create conditions for autonomy and strong community relations.

Together with "Agroecología en Latinoamérica: Construyendo Caminos," LiteFarm has supported agroecological certification organizations throughout Latin America such as El Movimiento de Economía Social y Solidaria in Ecuador that are contributing to a brighter future where agroecology plays a vital role in addressing the challenges of today and tomorrow. 🌞

Over 170 farming families in the Constryendo Caminos project are working with UBC researchers to use the LiteFarm tool to share info, manage their properties, and transition towards agroecological practices. 🚜📊


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