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LiteFarm and ALIADOS: Supporting farmers in Ecuador

Dear LiteFarm Community,

We are absolutely thrilled to announce a partnership between LiteFarm and ALIADOS, an organization dedicated to empowering small-scale farmers across Ecuador.

LiteFarm is honored to support Los Aliados in their mission of providing training, inputs, and microgrants to small and indigenous farmers, guiding them towards transformative regenerative farming practices. The partnership will kick off with a pilot of 100 farmers in the Andes and Amazon regions of Ecuador.

With access to LiteFarm's user-friendly platform, farmers will now have access to essential digital tools for tracking their activities, production, and more effectively managing their agricultural endeavors. This partnership aims to boost farm profitability, ensure food security, and protect precious ecological services. LiteFarm is a tool supporting a global research program assessing agroecological transitions coordinated at the University of British Columbia.

Join us in celebrating this impactful collaboration that will shape a more sustainable and prosperous future for farmers throughout Ecuador.

Best regards,

The LiteFarm Team

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