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Meet Antonella Sgarlatta: LiteFarm’s Tech Lead

Dear LiteFarm community,

The next team member we would like to introduce you to is Antonella Sgarlatta, our Tech Lead (read the introductions to David Trapp and Larisse Cavalcante, if you missed them). Antonella (or “Anto”) is based in Córdoba, Argentina and joined the core LiteFarm team in October 2023 after a brief stint as a contributor.

Leading a tight-knit engineering team, Antonella actively collaborates with various departments and roles within the organization. Her primary objective is to provide guidance on LiteFarm’s development processes, including programming tools and implementation. In her own words, "’A day in the life’ for me at LiteFarm usually involves a lot of multitasking – coordinating and planning work, collaborating with others to refine our upcoming work and to make sure that we can set up the engineering team for success. There’s never a dull moment!"

Antonella emphasizes her commitment to LiteFarm's non-profit status as a driving force for joining the organization. "I was really excited to contribute to making a difference in an important cause that is helping people throughout the world," she shares. The enthusiasm and dedication of the LiteFarm team further solidified her decision to be a part of the organization. "I saw how much they care about our product and our users, and how much they enjoy collaborating and learning from each other." Additionally, the open-source nature of LiteFarm appealed to her, as it allows collaborators to engage with a vast community of contributors, fostering learning and codebase improvements. As Tech Lead, Antonella finds her role to be a unique blend of utilizing her experience as a software engineer and a manager. 

Antonella is particularly excited about LiteFarm's upcoming release, featuring much-anticipated support for animals. "From my perspective, the most motivating aspect is seeing how we are progressing as a team and taking this new functionality as an opportunity to try out new technologies, improve and refactor our codebase and get together to think of ways in which we can iterate faster and learn as we go."

Behind the scenes, there is ongoing effort not only to implement innovative features but also to enhance the overall user experience and to improve the way the team works, getting features to users as fast as possible without compromising quality: “This is beyond exciting because it opens up so many doors and potential for delivering a better experience to our users in the long term and for all future releases,” she says.

If you're interested in getting involved in the design process for Animal functionality or to become a LiteFarm contributor, please reach out.

Happy farming!

The LiteFarm team


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